17 March 2014

McCall's M6713

Things may have seem a bit quiet around this blog these past six months but trust me, when there has been time to sew, I HAVE BEEN SEWING! With four kids now, I really love the chance to relax in the evenings/late at night in front of my machine.

Back in early January, my brother in law got married and I had no thought of sewing myself something to wear. Especially anything that was going to have to be nursing friendly.

But suddenly I saw M6713 on another blog and thought YEP I can do this. It's labelled "easy" (which ok, can be a term used rather loosely) but it's for knit so I wouldn't have to worry too much about fitting issues.
M6713 View C

Within a week and a half I had done a muslin for the bodice, and made the finished dress. (view A) Everything was from the stash so I'm pleased to have finally used up that fabric that has been sitting on the shelf for a few years!

I made an extra special effort to avoid any large flowers positioned awkwardly over my bust! Speaking of busts, the mock wrap front is not entirely nursing friendly, but ok for any emergency feeds.

However, if you can attend a wedding reception without baby in tow, THEN DO IT! Free woman! Hands free! No vomit on the dress! Yes, yes YES!

I definitely recommend this pattern. The ruching is flattering and the A-line shape on View A and B help out too. I have another version cut out in Liberty jersey ready ...

13 March 2014

Tips for sewing with laminated fabric.

Thanks for the sweet comments to the previous post. If you have any suggestions on what to do with the leftover laminated fabric I'd love to hear.

I thought I'd share a few tips on how to use laminated fabric for future reference.

1. Pins make holes! 
Avoid poking permanent holes in your laminated fabric by only pinning the fabric WITHIN THE SEAM ALLOWANCE. 

2. Use clips instead.
Alternatively, try using some sort of clip to hold the fabric together as you sew. Paper clips are generally on hand or cheap to buy but bulldog clips would work well too if you didn't want to pay for speciality sewing clips.

3. Glue sticks are not just for paper.
This is a trick I read recently to also help keep zippers in place as you sew. It works a treat on the laminated fabric because the shiny sides naturally seem to stick together but glue will keep it secure. It can also be repositioned quicker than unpinning or unclipping.

4. A walking foot may help.
I wasn't able to test this out because I do not have a walking foot but when topstitching, the 'right sides' of the laminated fabric were facing out, which meant the laminated fabric was getting stuck to the stitching plate. If you pull the fabric too hard to get it through the machine, the fabric can pull and pucker out of shape. I am sure a walking foot will help but leave a comment if you have any other thoughts on the matter.

Would love to hear if you have any other tips or comments on working with laminated fabric too.

28 February 2014

Oliver & S: Raincoat

I made a raincoat! In the summer!

Oliver & S had a sale recently so I picked up a few patterns, then headed to Spotlight and scored this cute polka dot raincoat fabric at $4/metre. Everything else came from the stash.

I omitted the toggles and button flaps and eye-balled the buttons instead.
I made a straight size 4 for my tall, skinny 4 year old and it seems to fit fine.  
I could have added length to the body and sleeves in retrospect.

Now we just need some rain...

10 September 2013

Spring Baby!

Early last week, in the wee hours of the morning, I gave birth to my fourth child.
A fairly quick labour resulted in a healthy, 8lb 15.5oz (4080g) boy!

He is the perfect addition to our family.
His two older sisters and brother adore him.
I can't imagine life without him.
My hands are full and things are well.
Sewing can wait.

30 August 2013

Things around here...

I'm 39 weeks. What a ominous number! I've felt fairly good these last few weeks but the annoying thing is the unsolicited comments you receive from strangers. And they get repetitive. Annoyingly repetitive. While all you can really do is smile back politely because you can not be bothered.
Yes I know I'm "all baby" and it just looks like I've stuffed a basketball under my top. My pregnant belly enters the room minutes before the rest of me does, I know, I know.
Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to being able to sit close to the table and not have endless stains on my tops. I can't wait to eat some smoked salmon again, soft cheeses and roll over in bed.  
Sewing has been on holiday the past couple weeks but last night I plonked my belly on my lap to sew these easy and oh so cute bow hair ties for upcoming birthdays. Another great use for scraps!

I tried Tessuti's Free Mandy Boat Tee when it was released but hacked it so it's no longer over sized and boxy. Now it's a basic drop shoulder tee. Give me a short while and I'll be able to try it on properly!

I'm baking Flo's Famous Pumpkin Scones. Delicious served with butter.

And I'll have some other completed projects to show you once I have a waist line again.

Spring is practically here...
Hope you are all well and happy.

12 August 2013

Inspired by: Anthropologie Lace Popover

I love those people who can see something in store or online and not just say "I could make that!" but actually DO go and make their own version. It's something I've never done, but wish I could figure it out to try.

Aaaaaaand theeeeeeen?

Then, I spied this pretty little shirt on Anthropologie. I adored the cute peek-a-boo of lace and had just finished a top using lace with some leftover, waiting to be put to use.



Isn't it just darling? I thought about it for a day and had a few ideas.
I didn't want to make a shirt because it's not my style at the moment and I've had no experience sewing a shirt yet. But I had just made my third Scoop Top and knew it was going to fit.

The fabric was a drape-y op shop purchase which doesn't seem to crease at all. The original pattern is for knit but I took a chance and used a woven and perhaps should have added more to the seam allowance as it's a bit of a squeeze but hopefully not too bad post baby.

I created a back yoke and a centre back seam in the lower back piece so I could accommodate the lace. I gathered the lace and eye-balled it when it came to sewing it in. So it's a bit off centre but that's ok. I omitted the tab to make life easier.

I'm not sure how much of the lace will peek-a-boo in this version when it is worn by a real person but hopefully it's fun enough to wear over the summer and be breastfeeding friendly too.

04 August 2013

More Scoop tops

Well, after my first Scoop top, I got a bit addicted and churned out three more.

I wanted to use the 1 metre of stripey lace from my stash and am pleased with how it turned out, especially the pocket which is hard to spot, am I right? The stripes matched up on the side fairly well too.

The next top was made of thicker knit which wasn't ideal as the hem is a bit wavy and heavy. I finished the hems with bias tape which maybe was the cause. 

Stay tuned for my next version which was inspired by a shirt from Anthropologie.